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Immunotherapy: Open Access
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Donald B. Palmer

Donald B. Palmer

Donald B. Palmer
Associate Professor, The Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences
University of London, United Kingdom


Donald is currently an Associate Professor in Immunology in the Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Royal veterinary College (RVC), University of London. He did his undergraduate studies (Medical Sciences) at Bradford University, his postgraduate studies (MSc in Immunology) at King's College London and obtained his PhD which involved investigating the genetic regulation of Beta-2-microglobulin in the Division of Transplantation Biology, MRC Clinical Science Centre, Northwick Park Hospital. This was followed by a post doctoral position at Cancer Research UK, looking at lymphocyte development in transgenic and mutant mice in the laboratory of Dr Mick Owen. Donald is currently a member of the British Society for Immunology (BSI), was Secretary of the London Immunology Group (a Regional Group of the BSI; 2002-2007) and now a board member of the BSI council. He is also a member of the British Society for Research on Ageing.

Research Interest

Age-associated thymic involution
Use of antibody phage display technology to identify novel markers on stem cells and cancer cells
Cellular and molecular interactions involved in T cell development
Cell surface structures on tumours expression of neuropeptides and their receptors
Natural Killer cell function
Comparative immunology