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Daniel Olive

Daniel Olive

Daniel Olive
Aix Marseille University, France


Daniel Olive is professor of immunology at Aix Marseille University. He is also in charge of the "Immunity and Cancer" research team of INSERM UMR1068 of Marseille Cancer Research Center (Institut Paoli Calmettes). He is the head of the first IBiSA Platform dedicated to Cancer Immunomonitoring Platform. Daniel Olive has been a pioneer and leader in the co-signalling field since 1990. His work is dedicated to tumor immunology with a major emphasis on innate immunity and co-signalling molecules. He has completed his post doctoral studies from Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne in the field of immunology (1985-1986).

Research Interest

Tumor immunology
Innate immunity and co-signalling molecules
Signaling pathways involved in CD28 and ICOS costimulatory molecules Identification of the function of BTLA and HVEM in the regulation of immune function
Identification of HVEM and BTLA as escape mechanisms in melanoma and non hodgkin lymphoma
Molecular mechanisms associated to NK cells impairment in AML patients
NK cells in the tumor bed in breast cancer
Clinical trial using anti-KIR mAbs in AML patients