Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome

Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome
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Damian Gaston Romero

Damian Gaston Romero

Damian Gaston Romero
Department of Biochemistry


Dr. Romero is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (Jackson, MS). He received his PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). After completing his postdoctoral training in the Department of Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, he joined the faculty staff as an Instructor of Medicine. He received the Mead-Johnson Research, the Renal Section Research Recognition and the Caroline tum Suden/Frances A. Hellebrandt awards from the American Physiological Society. He is a member of the American Heart Association, American Physiological Society and the Endocrine Society. He has published over 40 original manuscripts. He is an ad hoc reviewer of many top-ranked international journals.

Research Interest

Dr. Romero’s research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms that mediate the onset and progression of excess aldosterone-mediated cardio-renal injury. Primary aldosteronism accounts for ~10% of hypertensive patients. Excess aldosterone, inappropriate for the salt intake status, causes hypertension and cardio-renal fibrosis and inflammation. The molecular mechanisms that mediate excess aldosterone cardio-renal injury are poorly understood and are the main focus of his research.

Research Interests Keywords: aldosterone, mineralocorticoids, mineralocorticoid receptor, gene expression, miRNAs, animal models, microarrays, renin-angiotensin system, steroid hormones, nuclear receptors, hypertension, intracellular signaling.