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Cosimo Sidoti

Cosimo Sidoti

Cosimo Sidoti, PhD
Researcher, Criminology
Netherland, Netherlands


I am Cosimo Sidoti and I am a criminological researcher from Italy. I graduated the last December from the MA programme of Global Criminology at Utrecht University. I am currently applying for a PhD whilst writing three publications (two articles and one chapter in an edited book) and waiting for my MA research thesis being translated in Italian so as to be published by an Italian editor. I am also working as a volunteer for a non-profit organisation based in Italy that deals with victims of non-consensual pornography. Being a young criminologist, my critical gaze towards the discipline is on newer forms of crime and innovative and modern ways to approach them. I always aim at attempting to contribute to the development of Criminology and bring new perspectives and insights to the field. Even though at the beginning of my career, this thinking has led me to achieve many accomplishments.

Research Interest

youth subcultures, drugs, gangs, organised crime, cybercrime, environmental crime, crossborder crime, crimes of the powerful, qualitative methods and also Feminism and gender studies.