Organic Chemistry: Current Research

Organic Chemistry: Current Research
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Chao Li

Chao Li

Chao Li
Professor, Collage of Chemistry
Sichuan University, P.R. China


 Dr. Li received his Ph.D. at Sichuan University in 2011 and initiated studies on carbohydrate as a research professor in Korea University until 2014. Now as a research associate at the University of Maryland in USA, he keeps developing novel glycosidases for the chemoenzymatic synthesis of glycoconjugates, including recombinant glycoproteins and therapeutic antibodies. He is also interested in high-throughput screening, bioconjugation and glycopeptide synthesis. With the above works, he has contributed to the publication of 15 high impact papers relevant to biocatalysis and chemoenzymatic synthesis with citation times up to 450.



Research Interest

1. Enzymology & molecular biology.

2. Chemoenzymatic glycopeptide synthesis.

3. Bio- & organic analysis.