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Clinical & Experimental Cardiology
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Carlos Alberto Labarrere

Carlos Alberto Labarrere

Carlos Alberto Labarrere
Indiana University, Senior Investigator/Scientist CBL Partners for Life, USA


I\\m a SENIOR SCIENTIST whose research focused on vascular biology and immunopathology of atherosclerosis and atherosclerosis-like lesions following SOLID ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION and PREGNANCY.

??I have a broad background in PATHOLOGY and IMMUNOPATHOLOGY. ??

My career is mainly dedicated to understanding the role of COAGULATION, CELL ACTIVATION and INFLAMMATION in the development of atherosclerosis-like lesions: the principal cause of long-term transplant rejection and the principal arterial vascular lesion in abnormal pregnancies (PREECLAMPSIA, INTRAUTERINE GROWTH RETARDATION/RESTRICTION).

??I am a pioneer in studies related to the detection of early BIOMARKERS of coagulation and endothelial activation/inflammation for CARDIAC ALLOGRAFT VASCULOPATHY (CAV), the transplant-associated form of ATHEROSCLEROSIS. ??

My investigations have led to changes in the criteria used by the ISHLT to evaluate ANTIBODY-MEDIATED REJECTION (AMR).??

As a result of all my studies, I have published numerous peer-reviewed publications in prestigious journals like NEJM, Lancet, JAMA, Circulation, Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine, Blood, American Journal of Cardiology and American Journal of Medicine, among others. ??

Additionally, I have collaborated with numerous investigators throughout my career. ??


I have demonstrated a solid record of accomplishing numerous research projects in areas of PLACENTAL RESEARCH and HEART TRANSPLANTATION RESEARCH. ??

My investigations impact an area of high relevance for the heart transplant population—an area recently recognized by a NHLBI working group as a key area for cardiac transplantation research.??

Research Interest

Clinical research, Heart transplantation research, Pathology, Immunopathology, Transplantation, Atherosclerosis, Preeclampsia, Intrauterine growth restriction, Biomarkers, Innate immunity, Chronic rejection, Cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV)