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Zarin Ali

Department of Geological Science, Vedanta HZL India, Rajasthan, India

  • Review Article   
    Technological Overviews in Water/Waste Water System
    Author(s): Zarin Ali*

    The paper deals with the energy efficient technologies along with simple case studies for the treatment of wastewater. The wastewater management Practices in mining industries across the world using cost-effective technologies are dealt with a simplistic approach. The significant efforts of the government to reduce the surface water pollution can be compiled with the technologies. Some of these have a wide range of climatic tolerance like the microbial mat reactors, anoxic limestone drains and so on. ALDs or the Anoxic Limestone Drains are passive treatment systems that can be an effective technology in treating acidity of Mine Influenced Water (MIW) under specific geochemical conditions... View More»

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