Journal of Hepatology and Gastrointestinal disorders

Journal of Hepatology and Gastrointestinal disorders
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ISSN: 2475-3181

Vinod Kumar

Department off General Medicine and Geriatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine, 1800 N. Capitol Ave, E 140, Indianapolis,IN 46202, USA

  • Research Paper   
    Utilization of Fecal Occult Blood Testing and its Impact on Endoscopic Procedures in Hospitalized Patients
    Author(s): Vinod Kumar*, FNU Jaydev, Jai Khatri and Shobha Shahani

    Objective: To gain insights on the impact of fecal occult blood tests, we evaluated inpatients on whom these tests were performed. Patients and methods: This single center, retrospective study was conducted at a large, academic, tertiary care center. Between Jan 1, 2016-Dec 31, 2017, in patients who developed a drop in hemoglobin ≥ 2 grams/dL and had an FOBT were identified. Further data was extracted on a random selection of half of these patients. Patients were categorized as having an overt GI bleed (symptoms of melena, hematochezia, or hematemesis) or not. Results: Over the study period 6,310 patients developed a hemoglobin drop of ≥2 grams/dL. Of these 817 (12.9%) had an FOBT and we reviewed 407 (49.8%) randomly selected patients from this group. Those with missing FOBT results (n=13) were excl.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2475-3181.21.7.190

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