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V Thirukumaran

Department of Geology, Government of Arts College, ( Autonomous ), Salem, India

  • Review Article   
    Detection of Slip Surface in Landslides using Geo-physical Survey at Bhusmey Landslide, East Sikkim: India
    Author(s): KK Luitel*, H Luitel, P Sherpa and V Thirukumaran

    Perennial subsidence zones along road sections in hilly regions is a challenging job for its restorations to site engineers. One of such distress zone along. Rangpo-Rorathang road-section existed from more than a decade has been studied using geo physical technique implementation of Ohm’s law (V=IR), where in constant current was supplied through two electrode and resistance of various slopes forming materials was measured at equipotential surface. The low resistivity of the materials is due to the presence of high water activity and such plane is vulnerable to failure. Therefore, detection of slip surface can be of great interest to site engineers for its permanent mitigation measures. Such studies also plays vital role in long term mitigation measures for restoration of roads especially in hilly terrain like Sikkim.. View More»

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