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Journal of Political Sciences & Public Affairs
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Usman Kedir Mude

Adami Tulu research center, Ziway, Ethiopia

  • Short Communication   
    Rule and Relation of Ethiopian Government to Political Parties: A Review
    Author(s): Usman Kedir Mude*

    Rule by law is recognized worldwide as an essential component and precondition of good governance and sound and sustainable economic development. The rule by law is based on key democratic principles, such as equality before the law, accountability to the law, separation of powers and participation in decision making. The relationship between the ruling party and opposition parties raises the question and the current political setting, the meaningful participation of opposition political parties in the political process has become largely inadequate. The ruling party envisages itself ‘as a vanguard political force, which is not inclined to compromise with opposition forces. Political parties are manifestations of citizens’ right to politically associate. Democratic governance is dependent on well-functioning opposition political parties. But the Ethiopia rule and regulatio.. View More»

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