Journal of Cancer Research and Immuno-Oncology

Journal of Cancer Research and Immuno-Oncology
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ISSN: 2684-1266


Theodoros Michelakos

Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

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    Treatment of Cancer by Using Chemotherapy
    Author(s): Theodoros Michelakos*

    Chemotherapy (often abbreviated to chemo and every so often CTX or CTx) is a kind of most cancerous therapy that makes use of one or more anti-cancer capsules (chemotherapeutic agents) as phase of a standardized chemotherapy regimen. Chemotherapy may additionally be given with a healing intent (which nearly continually entails mixtures of drugs), or it can also intention to extend existence or to decrease signs (palliative chemotherapy). Chemotherapy is one of the main classes of the scientific selfdiscipline in particular dedicated to pharmacotherapy for cancer, which is known as clinical oncology [1]. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2684-1266.22.8.142

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