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Journal of Geology & Geophysics
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Sudad H. Al-Obaid

Department of Petroleum Engineering, Mining Institute, Saint Petersburg Mining University, Ostrova, Russia

  • Research Article   
    Calculation Method for Determining the Gas Flow Rate Needed for Liquid Removal from the Bottom of the Wellbore
    Author(s): Miel Hofmann*, Sudad H. Al-Obaid and Kamensky I.P.

    As a result of flooding and accumulations of liquid at the bottomholes, the operating conditions of gas wells become complicated, so that they end up self-squeezing and losing of gas production. A method is proposed for determining the technological parameters of operation of the gas wells with the purpose of removing liquid from the bottom of the wells. Data from the gas dynamics and special studies were used to develop this method, which has been tested on one of the oil and gas condensate fields. It offers the possibility to increase the accuracy of the information provided by the fund and to ensure that the production wells are operated as efficiently as possible with the use of this method. In the case of liquid accumulation in the well that is insignificant, or when water is present in the well, the technique is beneficial in that it allows determining .. View More»

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