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Journal of Research and Development
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Shiravan Afraz

Imam Khomeini International University, Iran

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    Design and development of smart theranostics platform based on enzyme immobilized magnetic nanocomposite hydrogel
    Author(s): Shiravan Afraz

    Smart theranostics platform which have the ability of target drug delivery, are highly suitable systems for monitoring drug delivery, drug release, and drug efficacy. Theranostic systems successfully bring the diagnostics and therapeutics onto a single platform together. These developments have had a major impact on cancer therapy and nanomedicine and future developments can be expected. The aim of this research is designing and developing a smart theranostics platform including a smart hydrogel as a polymeric support, and a biosensor, and also imaging, and therapeutic agents. The biosensor consists of glucose oxidase (GOX) and graphen quantum dots (GQDs) which play the role of bioreceptor and fluorescence transducer, respectively. Interestingly, GOX and GQDs have other tasks. GQDs are the imaging agent, and GOX catalyze the glucose in tumor region into the hydrogen peroxide. Magnetic.. Read More»

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