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Shafiq Qurban

Department of Law, Rawalpindi Law College, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Case Study   

    Author(s): Shafiq Qurban*

    Education Policy is devised to regulate education system according to exigencies of time to get required outcome. Pakistan has developed various education policies to make her education more effective especially madrassas education for development society. This study is intended to provide changing trends about madrasa in all education policies from 1947 to 2009 wherein every policy document has attractive recommendations for effectiveness of education in madrassas, but these policies recommendations were only confined to policy papers due to lacking implementation. However, Musharraf government has taken feasible measures to reform madrassa education by introducing secular subjects with apposite financial aids. This reform scheme became partial successful in improving education in madrassas. This study is based on primary and secondary data where primary is collected from policy make.. View More»

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