Journal of Clinical Toxicology

Journal of Clinical Toxicology
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ISSN: 2161-0495

Selman Kesici

Department of Pediatric, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Hacettepe University, İhsan Doğramacı Children’s Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

  • Case Report   
    Fomepizole and Concomitant Hemodialysis Regimen is Effective in Overdue Methanol Poisoning
    Author(s): Sinan Yavuz*, Selman Kesici, Gorkem Abdikan, Nesrin Tas, Ali Duzova and Benan Bayrakci

    Methanol, also known as wood alcohol, commonly used in laboratories and industry, can cause severe metabolic acidosis and visual disturbances in case of accidental or suicidal intake. We reported a 17-year-old male presented with blurred vision, which ingested homemade drink 36 hours before his admission to the hospital. In physical examination bilateral mydriasis and horizontal nystagmus were present and his optic disc boundaries were indistinct. Severe metabolic acidosis was detected in blood gas analysis and bicarbonate infusion, fomepizole and hemodialysis were applied. Eventually acidosis and blurred vision completely recovered and patient was discharged on the fourth day of admission. In case of methanol intoxication prompt treatment with fomepizole and hemodialysis should be considered to prevent irreversible complications... View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2161-0495-22.S21.005

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