Journal of Hepatology and Gastrointestinal disorders

Journal of Hepatology and Gastrointestinal disorders
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ISSN: 2475-3181


Sara Iqbal

Division of Gastroenterology, West Virginia University Health Sciences Center, Charleston Division, Charleston, West Virginia, USA

  • Case Report   
    Pyogenic Granuloma of the Colon Presenting as Brisk Lower GI Bleed: Case Representation
    Author(s): Hamid Ullah*, Lauren Searls and Sara Iqbal

    Pyogenic Granuloma (PG) typically presents as a benign vascular lesion of the skin and mucosal surfaces, however, cases in the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract have been reported. It is a form of lobular capillary hemangioma that can easily bleed on endoscopic intervention and can be misdiagnosed as a malignant lesion based on appearance. We report a case of a 73-year-old male who presented with a couple of days of hematochezia and was found to have approximately 5 cm polypoid mass of ascending colon that eventually required hemicolectomy for management of persistent lower GI bleed. We review the literature on PG cases of the colon and rectum to understand the presenting symptomatology, endoscopic findings, therapeutic intervention, and surveillance data... View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2475-3181.8.22.201

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