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Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Devices
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S Sudha

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Easwari Engineering College, Chennai, India

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    Intelligent Feature Plaque Detection Model Based on Wavelet Transform using Boosting Ensembled Classifier for Coronary Arteries
    Author(s): D Indumathy and S Sudha*

    Coronary artery disease develops when the main blood vessels that supply your heart with blood, oxygen and nutrients (coronary arteries) become damaged or diseased. Cholesterol-containing deposits (plaque) in your arteries and inflammation are usually to blame for coronary artery disease. When plaque builds up, it narrows your coronary arteries, decreasing blood flow to your heart. Eventually, the decreased blood flow may cause chest pain (angina), shortness of breath, or other coronary artery disease signs and symptoms. A complete blockage can cause a heart attack. This paper presents Intelligent Feature Plaque Detection Model which overcomes the complexity within the CT scan for plaque detection such as intercranial nerves, detecion of lumen and media adventita (MA) borders, dense mass accumulation, beam hardening of the inner walls, etc. Experimental Res.. View More»

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