Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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ISSN: 2157-7048

R.Kh. Sharipov

Kazakh-British Technical University, Kazakhstan

  • Research Article   
    Conversion of Corn Stover/Wheat Straw Fermentation Residue (FR) to Valuable Resin
    Author(s): Essen N Suleimenov, R.Kh. Sharipov and R.Kh. Sharipov

    Conversion of stover/wheat straw Fermentation Residue (FR) to valuable resin is a big challenge for current fermentation process. Carbohydrates presents in residue strongly effects on the performance as well as physical properties of the lignin base resin. In this experimental work, we overcome this problem through simple and novel technique for the production of Fermentation residue base resin by the addition of cheapest catalyst sodium hydroxide and Sodium carbonate instead of using poison catalyst lead oxide. FR syntheses from two different residue of fermentation, investigated effects of lignin and carbohydrates on the physical and chemical properties of resin. Synthesized green resin from FR were utilized for the manufacturing of plywood with satisfactory bonding strength (1.09 MPa). Harmful organic compound (formaldehyde) emission reduced to 97%. Synthesis Resin characterized... View More»

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