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Padyashree kanungo

Department of Microbiology, MITS School of Biotechnology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India

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    Viruses: Origin, Hypothesis and Its Activities
    Author(s): Padyashree kanungo*

    Viruses are simple biological particles, consisting of a genome, a protein capsid and, in the case of enveloped Viruses, an exterior lipidic envelope. Due to the presence of envelope, most enveloped Viruses are delicate although a few special exceptions might be observed. Viruses act as complete intracellular parasites. They increase results from the replication and selfgathering of viral components, this process being coordinated by the viral genome after it has been released inside a infected cell. Virus classified depends on molecular properties, concerning both the structure and replication plan of viruses. These nomenclatures, sequential order levels are family, subfamily, genus and species... View More»

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