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Anatomy & Physiology: Current Research
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    Use of D2-40 as an IHC marker is inappropriate for 3D Reconstruction of the Venous System
    Author(s): Noriko KUROBE*

    Systematic ethics work and ethics discussions may help practitioners handle the many ethical challenges and dilemmas that have been described in the scientific literature pertaining to nursing homes. This review is based on a selective literature search of relevant publications retrieved from PubMed and CINAHL. In addition, relevant articles from the Internet or reference lists of articles and books, and other sources were included. Several methods and ways of approaching the discussion of ethics, and the implementation of ethics work in nursing homes, were identified. Frequently used methods and models to address ethical challenges were ethics peer groups, ethics consultation, or ethics committees. In conclusion, systematic ethics work in nursing homes is needed. The implementation should be individualized to meet different needs, as well as geographical and c.. View More»

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