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Nicole M

Federal University of Lafia, Federal University of Lafia, Nigeria

  • Opinion   
    Solidarity with Disabled People in Times of Crisis
    Author(s): Nicole M*

    Against the background of crisis and cuts, citizens can express solidarity with groups in various ways. Using novel survey data this text explores the attitudes and behaviours of citizens in their expressions of solidarity with disabled people and in doing so illuminates the differences and similarities across two European contexts: Italy and therefore the UK. The findings reveal pools of solidarity with disabled people across both countries that wear the one hand similar foundations like the social embeddedness and social trust of citizens, while on the opposite hand contain some differences, like the more direct and active nature of solidarity in Italy compared to the united kingdom and the role of religiosity as a crucial determinant, particularly in Italy. Across both countries the role of ‘deservingness’ was key to understanding solidarity, and the study’s concl.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2375-4435.21.9.e119

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