Journal of Clinical Toxicology

Journal of Clinical Toxicology
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Negar Parizad

Medical School, Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Iran

  • Research Article   
    Clinical Signs of Paraquat Poisoning in Patients Admitted to the Poisoning Section 2009-2015, In Razi Hospital (Ahvaz): A Review of 207 Cases
    Author(s): Alihasan Rahmani*, Hojatolla Nikravesh and Negar Parizad

    Introduction: Paraquat (PQ), a toxic herbicide, is characterized by multi-organ failure, which can induce significant mortality and morbidity. In this research, the factors related to PQ poisoning have been investigated in the Ahvaz Province of Iran. Methods: Demographic and clinical presentation data were collected and evaluated in individuals referred to the poisoning section of Razi Hospital, Iran, 2009–2015. In order to assess factors related to PQ poisoning, an individual questionnaire was developed. Physicians treated two hundred seven patients (61.35% men and 38.65% women) with PQ poisoning. All patients received vitamin C (3 g/day), vitamin E (200-4000 mg/day), NAC (20 mg/kg IV infusion stat then 50 mg/kg q12), and pulse therapy. Activated Charcoal (AC) and dialysis applied for 62.31% and 22.22% of patients, respectively. .. View More»

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