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Naveen Jayaram Anvekar

Department of Medical Oncologists, Narayana Multispecicrality Hospital, Mysuru, India

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    The Possible Impact of Glycosylation on the Binding of Ligand/receptor and Activation of the NOTCH2 in Multiple Myeloma
    Author(s): Malek Abbaspourkharyeki, Naveen Jayaram Anvekar and Nallur B. Ramachandra*

    Background: Multiple Myeloma (MM) also is known as malignancy of plasma cells, is still incurable disease. In recent decades, advanced technologies such as next-generation sequencing methods, helped researchers to identify molecular players and driver mutations in MM. According to new and unprecedented findings, a series of drugs have been developed against MM for better treatment outcomes. The NOTCH signaling pathway is possible candidates for a novel therapeutic approach and emerging biomarkers and target pathway for drug designing in the case of MM. Methods: We performed WES in four cases of MM and targeted point mutations in the NOTCH family and compared them with existing online data. Result: It has been proved that the over activation of NOTCH2 is involved in the progression of MM. Also, it is clear that.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/igoa.21.6.141

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