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Journal of Political Sciences & Public Affairs
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Meseret Bekele Gelaye

Department of Political Sciences & Public Affairs, Arsi University, Ethiopia

  • Theory   
    Perspectives in Diverse Identity Theory to Utilize In Building International Relation
    Author(s): Meseret Bekele Gelaye*

    The study coming up with new area of perspective development to equally utilize at international concern while international relations taking hold among states or countries of the members of the United Nations. In such a way area of consideration of the reality exist among any country among domestically exist diversity and diverse identity having communities and the way that diversity and diverse identity taking into consideration right based protection must become a concern at international relation. The issue of handlement of diversity and diverse identity must be internationalized with the issue of internationalization or universalization of human right protection priority giving. In other words, in sort of any with regard to internationalization and universalization of the aforementioned area of consideration while the state holders of the political elites coming to the front for .. View More»

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