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Marzieh Rezazadeh*

MA in Social science, Lorestan University, Iran Azad University, Marvdasht, Iran Payam Noor University, Shiraz, Iran Medical University, Boushehr, Iran, Iran

  • Research Article   
    The Cold Relationships inside Families, the warm Relationships among Alcoholic Drinkers: Research on Alcohol Addiction
    Author(s): Marzieh Rezazadeh*

    The present study aims to identify individuals' alcoholism in the society through qualitative method and thematic analysis. 18 people who were addicted to alcoholic beverages in Mashhad in 2020 were selected by purposeful sampling. Data was collected using narrative interview technique. Contrary to other cultures in foreign countries, drinking alcohol, and due to the cultural and religious structure of the community, we cannot understand the dimensions of these social problems based on Western models. Because of religious and legal prohibitions on the drinking alcohol in the city, and even in the country, it distinguishes the country from other countries in the world. Hence, we are confronted with alcohol as a distraction, so it leads to drinking alcohol secretly, and therefore precise statistics are not available. We have only access to the statistics of Anonymous Alcoholi.. Read More»

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