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Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Mariano Davoli


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    Effects of food-based bio-additive on the rheological and adhesion properties of bitumen
    Author(s): Abraham Abe and Mariano Davoli

    In recent times, the need for the synthesis of biodegradable materials has facilitated the drift of the asphalt industry towards eco-sustainable and cost compatible production of road pavements. The principal additives in the asphalt industry either contain heavy metals or in one way or another contribute largely to atmospheric and environmental pollution. Most of the additives used in the asphalt industry are used to improve the performance of road pavements and increase its lifespan are majorly rheological modifiers, adhesion promoters and anti-oxidant agents. Rheological modifiers increase physico-chemical properties such as transition temperature of asphalt binder (bitumen), adhesion promoters increase the affinity between binder and stone aggregates while anti-oxidant agents reduce the effects of oxidation caused by exposure to air, water and other natural elements during the pro.. View More»

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