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Advances in Medical Ethics
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M. Yacob

Chief Physician, Marma Health Centre, Kerala, India

  • Review Article   
    Fever is not a Symptom in COVID -19. None of the Diseases Require Fever as its Symptom
    Author(s): M. Yacob*

    We have been hearing for centuries that ‘fever is not a disease but a symptom’. Physicians say that fever is a symptom of diseases like flu to cancer. The conservative fever definition, diagnosis, and treatments are based on fever as a symptom. All the studies related to fever as a symptom of a disease have been done without knowing the Purpose of the temperature of fever is. In the current COVID -19 epidemic situations, it has great importance. Because Fever is considered as an important part of Corona disease. Not knowing the purpose of temperature of fever, how can fever included as a symptom in COVID -19. What is the symptom in COVID -19 according to symptom definition... View More»

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