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Kyleigh O’Donnell

University of Maine Athletics/MGN) ORONO, Maine, Pakistan

  • Research Article   
    The Complex Structure of Violent Extremism in Pakistan
    Author(s): Kyleigh O’Donnell*

    Pakistan is a large country located in Southern Asia. It has a large population of Indian Muslims, along with several other ethnicities including the Hindis, Turco-Mongols, Afghans and Sikhs. The military in Pakistan holds much power over the country, the president of the country, and the prime minister. Multiculturalism is present in a country when different ethnic and cultural groups are living in the same space, speak the same language and, these groups keep their own identity and beliefs as a culture... View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2375-4435.21.9.214

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