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Khitam Ahmed Alzughoul

Department of Geology, School of Science, The University of Jordan, 11942 Amman, Jordan

  • Research Article   
    The Depositional Environment: Diagenetic and Depositional Settings of Gypsum Deposits from Bi'r El Ghanem, NW Libya
    Author(s): Ali Salem Ben Sera* and Khitam Ahmed Alzughoul

    This study considers the diagenetic processes and the depositional setting of the Bi’r Elghanem evaporates in the northwestern of Libya. The deposition environment has revealed a variety of ranging from lagoonal to fluvial deposit pools and evaporitic basins, which become intensely saline as a result of evaporation of fluvial freshwater (semi-) arid environments. The results indicate that gypsum has evidence of mineral substitutions and displacement, suggesting a homologous mechanism for lithofacies and subsequent textural change. As part of this study, samples were analyzed using elemental analysis, statistical evaluation such as Multiple Correlations, Principal Component Analysis, and mineralogical evidence to determine their mode of environmental deposition, mineralogical and geochemical composition. The development of gypsum minerals in a variety of lith.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2381-8719.21.10.995

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