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Halil Halil

Department of Cardiology, Turkey

  • Research Article   
    Gender Stratification in Cyprus as Seen Through Education and Employment
    Author(s): Halil Halil

     This academic study utilizes secondary sources in order to investigate gender stratification in Cyprus, by examining education and employment. It reveals various forms of gender stratification and inequality, such as by study choice, the "gender wage gap", employment rates, and lower levels of women in positions of power. This is supported by official statistical sources and from recording peoples' views in a number of academic studies. Similar gender stratification in education and employment exists in other EU countries, thus demonstrating that it's not country specific. Systemic gender inequality is created by socially-constructed patriarchy, and because it's socially constructed rather than being "natural", there could be ways to possibly combat it, such as enacting education initiatives or equal opportunity legislation... Read More»

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