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Fai Chan

Department of Aromatic Medicine, Deli Aroma LLC World of Tennis, Austin, USA

  • Case Report   
    The Role of Conventional Medicine in a Model of All Natural Protocols in Alzheimer?s Healing: What Makes It Inevitable?
    Author(s): Fai Chan*

    Alzheimer’s disease (NIH, 2021) is a cognitive degenerative disease that has no known cure. Although there have been claims of improving individuals’ ability to live independently, but those claims lack scientific proof. While cognitive damage of the brain is progressing, the limbic part of the brain still functions well. We can use this fact to help us in our effort toward healing Alzheimer’s disease. For example, we can route the limbic to assist the subject to relearn what it is lost. This is accomplished through Aromatherapy, Cognitive Learning, and food therapy. This article discusses corrective ways to slow deterioration and restore the subject to the norm. This article discusses an approach that does not involve medication. This article will also mention resources that would further enhance healing... View More»

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