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Journal of Political Sciences & Public Affairs
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Emin poljarevic

Associate Professor, Department of Theology, Faculty of theology, Uppsala University, Iran

  • Research Article   
    Political Justifying Modern Jahiliyaa Viewpoint New Salafists through the Theory of Religious Politics
    Author(s): Hamideh Amoori, Hasheme aghajari, Mohammad fazlhashemi, Emin poljarevic and hatame ghaderi

    The relationship between religion and politics in Muslim contexts has been discussed from many different respects. One of these respects is the theory of religious politics, according to which political ideologies and determinations are justified and legitimated with the support of theological interpretations. A central premise is that religion is able to provide a moral permit for political actions and determinations. This article discuss the Modern jahiliyya viewpoint new Salafists and comparing it with old Salafists view, based on the theory of religious politics. The critical point is that the old and new salafists, based their standpoints on interpretations of the Quran, the hadith, and the sunna, to legitimate their interpretations in calling western culture, civilization and Muslim ruler as infidel and ignorant. According to this theory, new salafists ideologies, is unlike the .. View More»

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