Advances in Medical Ethics
ISSN: 2385-5495

Emily C. Rosenfeld

Dallas, TX, USA


  • Research Article   
    Patient willingness to allow hands-on training for post-graduate learning of new surgical techniques
    Author(s): Emily C. Rosenfeld, Jennifer M. Wimberly, Alana Christie and Philippe E. Zimmern*

    Background: This study assessed patient willingness to allow hands-on training from the surgeon of record to supplement the current ‘observership’ model when learning new techniques. Methods: A survey was administered to patients in two separate outpatient settings, comprising three components: Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine- Short Form (REALM-SF), State Trait Anxiety Inventory form X2 (STAI-X2), and a specifically designed Observer Questionnaire (OQ) with free space for comments. The OQ included two questions of interest. Exclusion criteria were: sub-sixth grade reading level, non-English speakers, and pregnancy. Demographic data collected were: age, gender, and ethnicity. Results: Ninety-nine patients (Location I) and 100 patients (Location II) met inclusion criteria with 91.9% of patients at Location I and 82% at Location II consenting to hands-on training.. Read More»

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