Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Journal of Chemical Engineering & Process Technology
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Cesare Oliviero Rossi


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    Study of the physico-chemical properties of aged bitumen treated with softening and rejuvenating additives
    Author(s): Caputo Paolino and Cesare Oliviero Rossi

    Bitumen is a black, soft viscoelastic material which is made up of several components (predominantly hydrocarbons and their derivatives). It is obtained by fractional distillation during petroleum industry refinery processes of crude oil. Bitumen is a complex solid or semisolid colloidal dispersion of asphaltenes in a continuous oily phase of saturated paraffins, aromatics and resins. The chemical composition of bitumen is largely dependent on the initial crude oil and the cracking process carried out on it. Bitumen is widely used as a binder for asphalt mixes in the construction of pavements throughout the world. Bitumen is easily oxidized during paving and pavement service life, especially under thermal and/or ultraviolet radiation (UV) conditions. Oxidized bitumen is very hard because at high temperatures, its aromatic components and resins which are responsible for a certain grade.. Read More»

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