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Journal of Perioperative Medicine
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Cecilia Orlandi

Dermatologist, Director, Chile

  • Short Communication   
    Advances in photo protection
    Author(s): Cecilia Orlandi

    Since 1980, the scientific community has been aware about the consequences of sun exposure on our skin. Initially, the protection was meant to diminish the deleterious effects of UVB, but they realized that it was clearly insufficient, and the industry created sun filters to expand the protection to the UVA range. In 2011 we learned that other sun radiations as visible light, especially blue light were dangerous too, and recently it has been demonstrated that near infrared light (IR-A) is also a contributor to the bad effects of excessive sun exposure without adequate protection. At present we can use different combinations of raw materials in the sun protection products but there have been some questionings in terms of the bad effects of these substances on the water or on the environment as well as on human beings as hormonal disruptors, or in the metabolism.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2684-1290.20.3.112

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