Immunological Disorders and Immunotherapy

Immunological Disorders and Immunotherapy
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Bulent Tutluoglu


  • Conference Proceeding   
    Allergic Diseases and Covid-19 Infection
    Author(s): Bulent Tutluoglu

    Abstract: Patients with allergies are rare in the COVID-19 population, and these outcomes suggest that allergy could be a protective factor for coronavirus infections. Allergic sensitization was inversely related to ACE2 expression, and natural exposure to an allergen and subsequent challenge significantly reduced ACE2 expression.It seems that allergy and controlled asthma could be partially protected from COVID-19.  In asthmatic patients  it would be better to use a metered-dose inhaler or dry-powder inhaler rather than a nebulizer in order to prevent the risk of the spread of the virus via the device. If patients with mild-to-moderate asthma are well controlled and have sufficient maintenance medications, it would be better to postpone face-to-face visits along with online consultations. During the COVID-19 pandemic;  stepwise treatment shoul.. View More»

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