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Brigitte Simons


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    Quantization of Lipids in High Throughput; the shotgun lipidomics profiling of NAFLD & steatohepatitis by ion mobility-MS data acquisition techniques.
    Author(s): Brigitte Simons

    This presentation will address technologies that directly address clinical research experimentation of lipids in tissue extracts, keeping sampling and data processing throughput in mind. The human lipidome contains >100,000 different molecular species found within a small mass range; consequently, isobaric overlap makes unambiguous identification and quantization of lipid species difficult. Herein, methods that utilize high sensitivity MS/MS techniques using a high sensitivity triple quadruple linked LIT mass spectrometer to isolate lipid classes for identification of molecular composition and quantization have been investigated. Furthermore, QqQ platforms can now be coupled to differential ion mobility (DMS) devices and have shown to resolve phospholipids sub-classes, triglycerides, and strikingly, the sphingomyelins (SM) were resolved from PC molecular species. The latter observa.. View More»

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