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Journal of Tumor Research
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Bohdan B

Department of Pathology, Mongi Slim Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia

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    Impact of Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor
    Author(s): Bohdan B*

    Giant cell tumors are benign tumors with ability for competitive behavior and ability to metastasize. Although hardly ever lethal, benign bone tumors can be associated with a massive disturbance of the neighborhood bony architecture that may be specifically difficult in peri-articular places. Its histogenesis remains doubtful. It is characterized by using a proliferation of mononuclear stromal cells and the presence of many multi- nucleated large cells with homogenous distribution. There may be no broadly held consensus regarding the correct treatment technique choice. There are advocates of varying surgical strategies ranging from intra-lesion curettage to wide resection. As most massive cellular tumors are benign and are located close to a joint in teens, numerous authors want an intraregional. Approach that preserves anatomy of bone in lieu of resection. Although tumor is classifie.. View More»

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