Global Journal of Engineering, Design & Technology
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ISSN: 2319–7293

Audison Beaubrun

Florida Institute of Technology, USA

  • Extended Abstract   
    Analysis of Wage-Gender Discrimination in Connection with Higher Education in the Bahamas.
    Author(s): Audison Beaubrun

    Although about half of the workforce is women, there is no country in the world where a woman earns the same as a man for doing the same job. It is estimated that it takes several decades to close the gender gap. The reported gender gap has been 34% in the US in 2014, that is, female workers made year-round only 66 cents for every dollar earned by men doing the same job. This paper aims to study whether there is any wage discrimination in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas in regards to gender and its connection to education. We will also investigate whether higher education is associated with a higher wages. In this study, we have collected the data through survey from the Bahamian people working in The Bahamas. Inferential and descriptive statistics are applied to perform the analysis... Read More»

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