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ISSN: 2319–7293

Arsalan Haider

University of Wollongong, Australia

  • Extended Abstract   
    Impact of Agile Methodologies on Cost Estimation Techniques in Software Industry of Pakistan
    Author(s): Arsalan Haider

    One of the key aspects of a project is to deliver the project on time and budget regardless of requirement, scope and time changes. Cost estimation has always been a difficult task in software development much of which is research is done on traditional cost estimation techniques but little is researched on agile methodologies. Agile software development (ASD) provides a mechanism in reducing cost and time along with easy to handle ever-changing business environment and requirements. This study determines the impact of agile methodologies on cost estimation techniques in software development industry by focusing on different type of agile methodologies being used in software development industry. This study reveals how cost estimation at the beginning of each iteration helps company in making more easily and accurate estimate than traditional cost estimation techniques. The mos.. Read More»

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