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Ansar Sherif

LL.B, Hawassa University School of Law, Ethiopia

  • Research Article   
    The Impact of Monopolization of Foreign Relations by Federal Government on the Autonomy of Regional States in Ethiopia: A Comparative Analysis with Other Federations
    Author(s): Ansar Sherif*

    Inherent in federal systems, competency is divided between the central government and regional states by the federal constitution. The two tiers of government exist independent of each other, i.e. they are autonomous, and power division exists on the basis of constitutional power allocation between the two. There is no hard and fast rule as to which tiers of government should be empowered with what type of powers. There are disparities among federations in dividing powers between the two levels of governments. Regarding the field of foreign relations too, it is common to see disparities among federations. Some federations have distributed power of foreign relation between the two tiers of government, while in other federations the power was granted to regional states whereas in others it was given to both tiers of government as shared power of competence. Under the Ethiopian f.. View More»

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