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Amirhussein Zarei Mahmoud Abadi

Department of Law and Political Science, Science and Research Branch,, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

  • Research Article   
    Power Theory or Downfall Balance, Last Confrontation or First Legacy System
    Author(s): Amirhussein Zarei Mahmoud Abadi*

    For nearly 40 years, Islamic republic of Iran has unremitting challenge with United States of America, a challenge that is result of deep quarrel in the foundation of international politics and relations between them on the one hand, and the unique and irreplaceable sovereignty in Iran on other hand. But truly, how and in what situation, it could be terminated the quarrel between these two regional and transnational countries causing complex problems for world so far once forever. It’s clear none of them will stop their positions. And now after 4 decades, perhaps it’s the first time that there is evidence of war for overthrowing Islamic republic of Iran. Although, excuse for launching these total war from nuclear-to-Nitro-cons as well as excuse for assassination of president of united states is not enough to confront with Islamic republic of Iran. As, there is no substitut.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2332-0761.21.9.409

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