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Aliev Zhan

Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA

  • Editorial   
    Nano Particles as Accurate Drug Delivery
    Author(s): Aliev Zhan*

    With exceptional and unconditional progress in the field of nanotechnology in past years, a novel drug delivery approaches which were based under arts of nanotechnology has been getting an outstanding recognition and concentration. Nanoparticles in the area of nanotechnology progressively identified as capable carriers for therapeutic agents into targeted receptors and tissues or organs or cells. Nanoparticles by definition are the ultrafine and small particles normally called as particles of size ranging from 1-100 nanometres in diameter. These are the colloidal materials and therefore these have the ability to enter and penetrate into the cells and cell organelles. The new technologies in the development of nanoparticles might help in meeting the regular and present challenges in drug delivery... Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2169-0138.20.S4.e001

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