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Journal of Cancer Science and Research
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Adith Reddi

Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire, USA

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    Colorectal cancer biomarkers remain consistent across geography and ethnicity despite differing baseline gut microbiome compositions
    Author(s): Adith Reddi*

    We focused on 4 shotgun sequenced taxonomic abundance datasets, 2 from East Asia (Japan and China) and 2 from Europe (Austria and France). Using 2 distinct classifiers, we were able to identify the specific bacteria that are important in diagnosing CRC across geography and ethnicity. It has previously been documented that gut microbiome composition varies across geography and ethnicity. This makes it difficult to determine what a “healthy” gut microbiome composition looks like since there is a large amount of innate variation. Gut microbiome composition has also been shown to vary across individuals based on disease and, as a result, specific gut microbes have been .. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2576-1447.22.7.517

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