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Uhaib As’ad M

Uhaib As’ad M
Faculty of Social and Political Science,

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    Mining Exploitation Policy and Poverty of Local Communities
    Author(s): Uhaib As’ad MUhaib As’ad M

    This paper describes the dynamics of the exploitation of natural resources exploitation activities, especially the extractive industries of coal mines that have been going on since tens of years ago. South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia is known as one of the areas that has the potential of coal resources, but so far not directly proportional to the social welfare and economic community in general and especially for local communities located in the mining location. The massive mining industry only provides benefits and benefits to a handful of people, especially local authorities, rulers, or people within the circle of local rulers as business cronies. In addition, the mining economy is also enjoyed only by people who have business networks with mining entrepreneurs, such as security forces such as soldiers and police, political parties, and other interest groups. In the meantime, in .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000297

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