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Samuel O

Samuel O


  • Short Communication
    Youth Involvement in Political Violence/Thuggery: A Counter Weight to Democratic Development in Africa
    Author(s): Samuel OSamuel O

    Modern Democracy is a welcomed political force which has redefined the existence of humanity. It has enabled the realization of socio economic development and egalitarian society in places where the concept had been properly utilized. In African continent, the concept is yet to fully make impact on socio economic and political system since its emergence in the aftermath of colonialism and military regimes which were wide spread before late 20th century. Among other things, democracy is still battling with political violence which derives its energy and dominance force from the army of young men and women of the African population. Using Anthropological, empirical documentations, and other available literatures, this paper unveils the negative relationship between youth involvement in political violence, and democratic development in Africa. In the quest for sustainable democratic deve.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000280

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