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Ritu Salani

Ritu Salani

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    Assessment of Women’s Knowledge of Endometrial Cancer
    Author(s): Ritu Salani, Marium Husain, Benjamin Oldach and Mira L KatzRitu Salani, Marium Husain, Benjamin Oldach and Mira L Katz

    Background: The objective of our study was to assess women’s awareness and knowledge of risk factors and symptoms associated with endometrial cancer. Methods: A convenience sample of women waiting at clinics (general internal medicine, gynecology, and diabetes) was asked to complete a questionnaire focused on risk factors, symptoms, and concerns about endometrial cancer. Results: A total of 161 women participated in this survey study (June 2010-January 2011). The majority of women (67.3%) did not know or did not perceive themselves to be at risk for endometrial cancer, and nearly two-thirds (62.7%) did not worry about developing endometrial cancer. Participants (n=45) with a selfreported history of diabetes mellitus (DM) were more likely to report not knowing symptoms of endometrial cancer (46.7% vs. 25.9%; p.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-0932.1000253

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