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Journal of Ergonomics
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Raghav Bhardwaj

Raghav Bhardwaj
United World College of South East Asia,
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    The Ergonomic Development of Video Game Controllers
    Author(s): Raghav BhardwajRaghav Bhardwaj

    Video game controllers are often the primary input devices when playing video games on a myriad of consoles and systems. Many games are sometimes entirely shaped around a controller which makes the controllers paramount to a user’s gameplay experience. Due to the growth of the gaming industry and, by consequence, an increase in the variety of consumers, there has been an increased emphasis on the development of the ergonomics of modern video game controllers. These controllers now have to cater to a wider range of user anthropometrics and therefore manufacturers have to design their controllers in a manner that meets the anthropometric requirements for most of their potential users. This study aimed to analyse the evolution of video game controller ergonomics due to increased focus on user anthropometric data and to validate the hypothesis that these ergonomics have im.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-7556.1000209

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