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Muñoz O

Muñoz O

Las Palmeras 3425, 7800003, Santiago

  • Research Article
    Pharmacological Properties of Resveratrol. A Pre-Clinical and Clinical Review
    Author(s): Muñoz O, Muñoz R and Bustamante SMuñoz O, Muñoz R and Bustamante S

    Resvertrol (Resv) is an extensively studied molecule – as of 2015 PubMed held more than 7100 publications on the subject. The First International Resveratrol Conference in 2010 found insufficient evidence to justify recommending chronic administration of Resv in humans, a finding in stark contrast with the claims of its therapeutic effects often made by the media, based on its supposed role in the beneficial properties of red wine and in the so-called French Paradox. However, pharmacological studies carried out on different formulations of Resv from 2010 onwards suggest that these recommendations should be reviewed. Pharmacokinetic Resv is characterized by high inter-individual variability within pharmacokinetic parameters. Resv exhibits a rapid absorption rate, with extensive pre-systemic metabolism by human cytochrome P 450 and intestinal microbiota. Its metabolism leads mainl.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0501.1000184

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