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McCroskey JC

McCroskey JC

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    Perceptions of Authenticity in the Watergate Hearings
    Author(s): Larry Powel, Hickson M, McCroskey JC and Amsbary JLarry Powel, Hickson M, McCroskey JC and Amsbary J

    This study looked at perceptions of authenticity of witnesses testifying during the Watergate hearings held by Congress. The participants were students in basic communication classes at a large state university who viewed two video clips of testimony from the 1973 Congressional Hearings on Watergate. One clip was a recording of John Dean testifying about the illegal activities of those within the White House (testimony later revealed to by honest), and another by John Ehrlichman that disputed the charges by Dean. Participants responded to a questionnaire that measured perceived authenticity, trustworthiness, caring and honesty. The results showed that the testimony of Dean was rated as significantly more authentic than that of Ehrlichman. Authenticity was also correlated with trustworthiness, caring and honesty, but was no synonymous with any of the three... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0761.1000169

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